About Us


Monferrato, is a geographical area of Piedmont region, situated between Asti and its province in a hilly area, especially known for its wines and typical regional food.

L'Olmo is located in the heart of this peculiar area.

Among the well-known products we cannot forget the highly precious white truffle and several traditional rustic dishes produced with local raw materials.

In our trade mark, we represented an “elm” tree, that until few years ago, could be visible in the square of San Marzanotto's church, planted more than 200 years ago, in memory of Napoleone Bonaparte's passage through our territories; this because even if thinking to the future, we mantain a relationship with the past.

L'Olmo has been working for several years to the constant research and development of the high quality standard of its products. For this purpose we use exclusively Italian Carnaroli rice, porcini mushrooms, extra-virgin olive oil or olive oil; all our products are free from colouring agents and chemical preservatives and also without O.G.M.

L'Olmo always supports the idea that health depends on food, and that attention of simple foods with high quality is not only a pleasure for taste, but also a moral duty, to keep alive the flavours and culture of our country tradition.